Trouville-sur-mer beach

Stretching over 900 meters, Trouville beach has nothing to envy to the Promenade des Anglais ... Here, it is only a fine sandbank, translucent water and good humor.

Sacred number 1 attraction in the Trouville-de-mer region, the beach unleashes crowds and arouses passions. Unanimously, tourists acclaim it for the extreme cleanliness of the place, the security which reigns there and especially the landscape of postcard it offers them.

False advertising or real paradise on earth? There is only one way to find out…

How to reach Trouville beach from Bénéauville castle?

You know what they say ... The quality of a stay depends largely on that of your accommodation.

By choosing to stay at the Château de Beneauville, you have made the best choice. Indeed, the sumptuous guest house is only 36 minutes by car from Trouville beach. Take the D27 regional road and let yourself be guided. Before you realize it, you will have covered the 31.9 km that separate you from one of the most beautiful beaches in Normandy.

Here is a small map with the route:

Why visit Trouville beach?

Going to Trouville beach is the opportunity to relax and enjoy the good weather.

Relaxation enthusiasts will appreciate the possibility of renting deckchairs and other indolence tools. Inhabited by an archaeologist's soul? Take the time to admire the lighthouse and the pier of the city.

photo de la plage de trouville en normandie

Trouville did not rest on its achievements… Admittedly, the landscape is magnificent, but the city has also thought of those who cannot stand still. Thus, the youngest will appreciate to slide along the toboggans installed here and there. For adults, the nautical activity clubs along the beach will strengthen their love of the ocean.

And of course, when the time comes for a snack, you will be spoiled for choice among the many restaurants located on the seafront.

What is the history of Trouville beach?

Often referred to as the "queen of the beaches", the seaside resort Trouville-sur-mer is not ready to stop attracting crowds ...

It was in 1825, during one of his trips, that the Parisian painter Charles Mozin fell in love with this region. He hastens to represent its beauty on several of his paintings. It didn't take more for Trouville Beach to become a tourist hotspot.

Between 1865 and 1885, villas each more beautiful than the other sprout up like mushrooms on this sandbank. Between the creativity of the artists and the desire for opulence of the nobles, it is who will have the most original building… Even today, you can see its magnificent residences while strolling along the promenade des boards.

It was in fact in 1867 that it was born. An ideal route to stroll, giving free rein to your thoughts ...

Are dogs allowed at Trouville Beach?

Unfortunately, our animal friends are not allowed along the beach in Trouville.