Cabourg beach - parking, itineraries & advice

Responding to the sweet nickname of "The romantic beach", the 4 kilometers of fine sand of Cabourg are a popular destination for vacationers looking for rest. No deafening traffic noises here. Only the murmur of the waves that run aground on the shore will rock your dreams…

Seule face à la digue de Cabourg

Too good to be true ? Surely your feet have never trod on the warm sand of Cabourg. In all Calvados Basse-Normandie, the populations are unanimous: if you wish to stroll on the beautiful beach of the region, go the most east of the city. At the edge of the mouth of the Dives and Houlgate, the sand is waiting for you ...

Why choose Cabourg beach?

As much to admit from the outset: Cabourg is far from being the only town in Lower Normandy with a beautiful beach ... A few kilometers further, other shores of the Côte Fleurie are ready to receive tourists thirsty for a change of scenery .

So in this case, what are the advantages of going to this beach compared to others?

First, each year, Cabourg beach wins the precious “family plus” label. Fun activities, the presence of numerous lifeguards, sandcastle competitions ... If you have children, they will enjoy letting off steam a few inches from the big blue.

Although offering a wide choice of activities for children, this shore has managed to remain an island of tranquility conducive to couples and a revival of vitality, as you can see in this very beautiful photo of Bruno Jargot, who was kind enough to make it available on Flickr.

Plage de Cabourg

With relish, you can use and abuse the lazing around admiring the orange reflections of the sun on the ocean. More dynamic in nature? There is no shortage of physical activities: paddle, kite surfing, beach volley, the list is far from exhaustive.

And if you want to stretch your legs, take a walk along the Marcel Broust promenade. 3.6 km long, it will allow you to discover majestic villas, of architectural prowess, and facing the sea.

Can I take my dog?

Like 29 million households, you have a four-legged friend. More than a pet, your dog is a real life companion. Impossible to leave him locked up or in boarding school while you are having a good time at the beach…

Fortunately, Cabourg beach allows dogs on leash access to its fine sandbanks. On this wild beach, your doggies can stretch their legs and bathe in the warm waters of the ocean.

Where to park?

On weekends, it is not always easy to find a parking space around the Côte de Cabourg. In the city, the majority of parking lots are completely free. When it comes to the seaside, the situation changes subtly ...

Parking is free for the first 40 minutes. After this time, it is billed at the rate of € 1 per hour. Tempted to ignore this municipal measure? In case of derogation from this rule, you will have to pay a fine of € 35.

If the time is right for you, then we advise you to find a small place in town and walk for a few minutes, it's really not rocket science. On the other hand, if spending a few euros to make your life easier seems justified, do not hesitate: pay for your place by the sea, it's easier!

Where to stay near the beach?

Now that you have decided to stroll on the sand of Cabourg, a question remains: where to stay in order to stay a few steps from this idyllic beach for a few days?

Two options are available to you: either you stay in the city and pay more but lose tranquility, or you opt for the calm and luxury of a private residence.

If you choose the first solution, hotel connection sites such as Booking or AirBnB will give you full satisfaction. If on the other hand, your choice falls on option n ° 2, only one address is worth choosing: the Bénéauville castle, of course!

Photo de la façade du chateau de Bénéauville, chambre d'hôte en normandie

Located at the epicenter of the Normandy country, this sumptuous residence includes only four luxurious rooms and very comfortable rooms. What a pleasure to sleep in a building dating from the 16th century… " Perfect ", " elegant ", " magnificent ", the testimonies of the guests show full satisfaction. So if sleeping in a castle tempts you, a few minutes from Cabourg and in peace, simply book on this site.

By staying with us, you can easily visit the other beaches of the Côte Fleurie if you feel like it (like for example Trouville-sur-mer beach that we particularly like).

What route from the castle?

From the castle, it will only take you 9 minutes by car to reach Cabourg beach. On leaving the palace, turn right and take the D513. At the second exit, turn left onto Avenue Guillaume le Conquérant. You just have to follow the signs to reach the beach.

Cabourg or Deauville beach?

Long presented as the seaside resort par excellence, Deauville still serves as a reference for many tourists. Rather cabourg or deauville? It all depends on your needs.

If you are looking for glitter and a more mundane atmosphere, do not think twice: direction Deauville. However, those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere and reasonable prices must come to Cabourg.

Want a few more images?

If you do not know the shores of Cabourg and want some additional images, they are not missing from Google. On the other hand, we wanted to share with you this video made by Drone Press, which highlights this beach with striking drone shots.

Un Amour de Cabourg. Grand Prix and Audience Prize at the Cabourg Drones Festival. from Drone Press we Vimeo.