Where to stay to visit the landing beaches?

If, like us, you are a history buff, then visiting the landing beaches is certainly at the top of your to-do list. But this is not the kind of visit that is organized on a small day.

The landing beaches, history under your feet

The beaches of the Allied landings in Normandy are officially five in number. Two of them (Utah Beach and Omaha Beach) saw the Americans land, while the three others were stormed by the Canadian and English allies (Gole, Juno and Sword Beach). Between these 5 beaches and the rest of the places to visit related to the landing of 1944, you will have enough to satisfy your self of History. And one thing is certain: in one day, you will not have time to see everything.

So, where to stay to visit the landing beaches? Of course, you can choose one of the many hotels in the area. Or a small, classic guest room. Or, you can cut your epic in the 1944 landings back in time even further: stay in an authentic Norman castle, built in the late 16th century.

Stay in a castle classified as a historical monument

After a day discovering the landing beaches, extend the wonder by staying in our castle listed as a historical monument. You will find 4 suites of very high quality. The goal is not just to house you, but to offer you a unique setting that will make your stay "landing beaches" a truly unforgettable journey.

Sleep in rooms with period decor, stroll through the castle gardens for a truly special moment of relaxation.

Visiting the landing beaches is not done in a single day, we even advise you to plan a day for each beach, if you want to visit the surrounding cities a little.

For example, when you visit Omaha Beach, don't just stop on the sand. Come see the Colleville cemetery and pay homage to the valiant allies who fell in battle. Then wander around the city, eat a nice little dish in a seaside restaurant, sit back and enjoy the scenery while listening to the surf ... In short, take the time to enjoy the very special atmosphere of these places steeped in history.

The journeys from Bénéauville castle to the landing beaches

For Juno Beach, go through Bénouville and go to the motorhome parking, you will be close to the Juno Beach Memorial.

The ideal is to combine the visit of Gold Beach with that of Juno Beach. That said, if you want to go directly to the Stanley Holis Hut memorial of Gold Beach from the castle, here is a route.

Sword Beach, the third Canadian / English landing beach, is located between the two previous ones, between Ouistreham and Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer. To get there, we recommend this route, which will take you to the edge of the beach, a stone's throw away from Piper William's status.Photo de la statue de William Millin

Finally, let's go to the two beaches of the American landing.

here is a drive to the famous Omaha beach. It will take you to a free car park along the beach. You will find very close to two museums dedicated to the Allied landing that are worth seeing.

Finally, here is a trip to Utah Beach. Here, no need for parking: park by the road, there is plenty of room for everyone! We pointed this way to the Utah Beach Landing Museum.

In conclusion

The landing beaches are definitely worth a visit. They are imbued with a very special historical atmosphere, and staying in a place also out of the ordinary will undoubtedly help to make your trip a memorable moment.