Romantic weekend in Normandy: 7 ideas for an unforgettable stay

Despite popular imagery, in Normandy, it's not just cows & #8230; A multifaceted land, the region knows how to surprise and unleash passions. For lovers looking for escape, this is the place. Skeptical? Here are 7 activity ideas to do for a unforgettable romantic weekend in Normandy.

1- isolate yourself on an island

Every day, Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue sees dozens of boats set sail. Direction:Tatihou Island. This 29 ha piece of land could have served as a setting for the Robinson Crusoe epic & #8230; Green land surrounded by the sea & #8230; Once there, visit the maritime museum and allow yourself time to discover the Vauban towers of Tatihou and Hougue.

2- Stay in a 16th century Norman castle

Normandy is the land of castles, it would be a sacrilege not to stay there. Several centuries old, these titanic buildings are an ode to a bygone era & #8230; The one during which crowned heads commanded respect and elegance & #8230; The one during which exceptional houses such as the Bénéauville castle were a symbol of renewal & #8230; Stay in a castle, it is to reconnect to this disappeared splendor.

Book your romantic stay at the castle now.

The Salomon suite of the castle offers a superb setting for a romantic stay in Normandy

3- Sleep in a trailer

What if for a weekend, you slip into the shoes of Travelers? Coming straight from the frozen Alps or the freezing Ukraine, these houses on wheels are surprisingly comfortable. To try for yourself, you can for example rent a trailer here.

4- Discover the country by bike

From Mont Saint-Michel to the landing beaches, it is possible to visit Normandy at the wheel of a non-motorized wheel. Very far from conventional circuits, it is a way to discover the region without filters. And if you're worried about getting lost, ask a passerby for directions. The Norman is always ready to help.

5- Free yourself from your worries

Normandy is the temple of many spas and wellness centers. Thalassotherapy, massages, scrubs & #8230; The region is at the forefront of well-being and makes every effort to ensure that your concerns immediately stop accompanying you. Spending a weekend at the spa is a good way to strengthen your ties while making yourself a beauty.

6- One-on-one dinner

What would a romantic getaway be without a good meal? Fortunately, this is not what is lacking in Normandy. For a quick snack, the mussels / fries combo is a local classic. Want more refinement? The region attracts starred chefs and invites to the wildest culinary experiments.

In the evening, the starry sky and the crashing of the waves on the coast will set the perfect setting to enjoy a meal eye to eye & #8230;

7- Savor the present moment

Sometimes happiness comes down to a few things. Draw animals in a cloud & #8230; Enjoy the fresh air comfortably installed on a terrace & #8230; Admire the dance of the grass under the effect of the wind & #8230; Make the most of it by staying in the calm of Bénéauville Castle.