What to do in Honfleur?

If Paris has the Eiffel Tower, the Normandy region has the city of Honfleur. In winter as in summer, the city is adorned with magnificent colors which add to its charm ... It is no coincidence that the famous impressionist painter Eugène Boudin had made it his lair ... You may have already heard of this city but wondering what to do in Honfleur? Put your bags in the flagship of the Normandy department, we offer some points of interest.

Eugène Boudin - Honfleur - O porto
The port of Honfleur by Eugène Boudin

Places not to miss for a successful day in Honfleur

To start your day in Honfleur, visit the old basin. With its old-fashioned charm, the old basin acts as a magnet for the surrounding populations. Every day, locals and tourists automatically go to this quay with an irresistible aura ... How can you stay stuck in front of its old cobbled streets, its buildings full of colors and the ballet of the ships that anchor there?

To feed your artistic soul, go to the Eugène Boudin museum. It will be an opportunity to discover impressive Norman ethnographies and some of the most beautiful watercolors ever painted.

More sea than land? The maritime museum will satisfy you. And if by chance, you have a certain passion for religious architecture, make a stop at the Sainte-Catherine church then at the Notre-Dame-Des-Grâces chapel.

Where to stay in Honfleur?

To fully enjoy the beauty of the city, it is best to find accommodation nearby.

If you are looking for a residence in the city center, "Les maisons de Léa" may suit you. Located just in front of the Sainte-Catherine church, this hotel residence is nestled in a building dating from the 16th century whose style it has managed to respect while incorporating touches of modernity.

Looking for a more relaxing environment where you will be welcomed as a member of the family? At the edge of the countryside, in a region rocked by sea currents, is the Château de Béneauville. In this beautiful Normandy castle, the refinement of kings is still very present ... Woodwork, centuries-old furniture, gardens worthy of the Palace of Versailles, the castle built between 1589 and 1592 has lost none of its brilliance.

More unusual, the doll's house will allow you to stay for a small budget in a residence worthy of Barbie…

What are the best restaurants?

The discovery of a city could not be complete without a taste of local cuisine ... This is good, Honfleur has in its ranks true temples of gastronomy.

How not to eat seafood when you are in a coastal town? Very popular with locals, the Café du Port serves calamari and seafood to lick your fingers.

More refined, the Sa-Qua-Na is an excellent address for those who want to discover the chic but not stuffy side of Honfleur. Amazed by the beauty of the place, you will almost forget to eat ...

But do you know what is really pleasant in this city of Normandy? These are the multiple possibilities of eating on the go. At every street corner, waffling waffles and hot pancakes exhale captivating scents ...

Photo du port, une chose à faire à Honfleur

The port of Honfleur in all its splendor

The Honfleur market is also very famous for the quality of its shops and its friendly atmosphere. Think you know Normandy? Until you have visited Honfleur, there are still some great things to discover.