Nature & #038; environment

The Bay of Sallenelles is home to many migratory species, discover the bird sanctuary by walking its hiking trails, or admire the birds from one of the observatories. The eco-museum of the House of Nature welcomes visitors all year round. The Saint Samson Reserve is also an important wintering and stopping site for migratory ducks. It is also open to the public and free in season.

On foot, by bike or horseback many hiking trails are available and arrow to discover the best beaches, swamps, and the Normandy countryside.

The bay of Sallenelles (14 or 7,5km)
From the plateau to the plain (19,5km)
The groves of Pays d'Auge (12km)
The marshes and the island of Robehomme (13km)
To William's gesture (19 or 5.5km)
Around the stud farm (14km)
The landing, the preliminaries of the assault (13 or 18km)
In the city of Marcel Proust (11km)
The past to the ducks (6,5km)
Between land and sea (8.5km)
Along the water (8.5km)
From limestone to fossils (12,5km)

Eole Adventure, in Touffreville, 5 minutes, in a wooded park and on the lake of more than 4 hectares:

Nautical teleski

body jump

sensations course

zip line

paint ball


blob jump